The Chiffon Bishop Sleeve Blouse




This blouse is one of the items of affordable ready-to-wear I will offer on my upcoming website. I choose to carry a blouse with bishop sleeves because there is all-out shortage of them in the current fashion market. Besides for some very high-end designers who put out bishop sleeve blouses and dresses, the is a surprising lack of this style in the market. I know this first hand because I had searched high and low for one to buy and found nothing.

The Octopus Turban

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I have been creating a line of turbans to go on with my dresses, so why shouldn’t it include an octopus turban? I mean, I’ve never seen an octopus turban, so why not. I have been getting ready to start work on a 1930s/40s inspired dress that will feature an octopus done in beautiful beading and sequins.  I am still putting refining the design of the dress and the beading, but in the meantime, I thought I might offer this.

The turban itself is soft, lush pink velvet. The octopus is made of clear rhinestones with a pink crystal as part of its head as well it is accented with a scattering of pink stones.

Queen Of The Night

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I love when outfits all come together and for this particular outfit, it definitely did. I am wearing my “Moonglow” dress which I introduced in a previous post,but this time, I am wearing it with a vintage style gold lurex turban with a large crescent moon, one which I developed especially for my line with this dress in mind. I matched these two items with a pair of pale gold shoes from Remix and a 1940s golden yellow bag with moons and stars.

My inspiration:

When I was a teenager and in my early 20s, I was very seriously considering becoming an opera singer, I had the talent but not the ambition to match it. I had a stronger desire to do something else completely. I wanted to be a writer a passion and dream that has followed me until this day.

During my teens and early 20s, I was in two operas. One of them being Mozart’s The Magic Flute which is the opera with one of the female villains in operatic history, the vengeful Queen Of The Night. I fell in love with this character and her flamboyant aria became the one I sang each time I had a chance.

So I this was partly what I was thinking back to when I began to design my series of celestial pieces for my clothing line. The celestial theme has been theme has been particularly popular over the last few years with designers like Valentino, Alexander Mcqueen, and Pucci coming out with collections featuring items with this theme., but its first use was much earlier. One of my favorite designers, Elsa Schiaparelli came out with a celestial collection in 1937 which included her iconic zodiacal evening jacket


My desire to create several pieces with this theme was mostly because of the wonderful reaction to my first celestial piece, the navy dress I am wearing in this blog. The reaction I got on this piece has inspired me to create other celestial pieces, including one dress I am in the process of creating right now. Stay tuned for this upcoming piece and others!




Presenting one of my favorite dresses so far, which I have entitled ” Moonglow.” It is a style that is inspired by one of my favorite times in fashion history, the late 1930s and early 40s.  It is made out of navy blue crepe with stars and a moon in beading and sequins. The dress has short sleeves that have a slight pouf. It has a flattering empire waist, a jewel neckline, and a center back zipper. The dress also has two cute little pockets at the front, adorned with stars. This dress will be available in all sizes as it is made to measure.

The Princess Coat

IMG_20160804_4 (2) IMG_20160804_5 (1) IMG_20160804_6 (2) IMG_20160804_7 (2)For a very long time, I have wanted a 1950s style princess coat, a very flattering and comfortable style of coat. This coat design was made used by many different designers throughout the 1950s, the most famous of being Lilli Ann. Lilli ann princess coats are gorgeous, but they are also pretty rare and being so are also disgustingly expensive. A coat can range from several hundreds of dollars into the thousands, pretty much out of reach for many people.

This coat has satin cuffs, buttons and a collar. It has a wide skirt, and can be made-to-measure in a variety of collars.



The Black and White 1930s Dress

IMG_20160804_2 (1) IMG_20160804_1 (1) IMG_20160804_3 (2)

This is a dress inspired by one of my favorite periods, the 1930s, but a dress that has its place it a modern’s women’s wardrobe without looking costumey. Two major details from the 1930s that I brought to this dress were the button detailing on the hip and the large, billowy bishop sleeves, the dresses ruching also have a slightly art deco flare as well. This dress could be at home on the figure of a  of a modern woman just as much as on a 1930s starlet. This dress will be available made to measure in a fluid, high-quality crepe. The v neckline is also adjustable if you want it a little higher for more coverage.


IMG_20160803_1 IMG_20160803_2 IMG_20160803_3

In this post, I am modeling one of my absolute favorites from my upcoming fashion line so far. It is a SPIDERIFIC dress with hand beaded spider webs with a rhinestone at center and a rhinestone spider to accent it. I love this piece not only because it is very figure flattering, it is also very comfortable.

The Black Velvet Dragon Dress



One of my favorite motifs since developing my fashion line is the dragon, specifically the dragon that is inspired by traditional Chinese embroidery. I was first inspired to design this gown based upon a dress worn by 1930s actress worn by Anna May Wong in the 1934 film Limehouse Blues.

This exotic black velvet dragon dress has all the elements of a gown worthy of a 1930s starlet. It has a flattering scoop neckline, long fitted sleeves, comfortable and curve hugging bias cut. The gown also features a short train and an optional low cut back. This gown is made to measure in the color of your chi, so it can be customized to your specifications and personal measurements.

Black Satin and Leopard

IMG_20160802_5 IMG_20160802_6 IMG_20160802_7

Today’s outfit includes a dress from my upcoming fashion line which I mixed with several different vintage items. The dress itself is extremely comfortable and elegant. It is based off a cocktail dress from the 1950s, it can be worn on its own or with a crinoline for a little more oompf. This piece being both comfortable and chic is really how I want all the pieces in my line to be. There is nothing worse than a piece of clothing that is uncomfortable. This is why I want all the clothing not only to be chic but also a breeze to wear, and this dress certainly is!

I paired the dress with a leopard stole from the 1950s from Playclothes in Burbank, CA. On my head, I have a dramatic 1950s cocktail hat which I bought on Etsy and on my feet are a pair of 1940s peep toe shoes.

The Purple Bishop Sleeve Dress



Presenting the newest item in the fashion line I am developing. This soon-to-be-named dress has a whole story behind its development. It all began with my love of the late 1930s/early 1940s era, and two very distinct features of clothing at that time. One is the elegantly large and dramatic bishop sleeves at appeared on many of the dresses of the time, particularly in evening wear and blouses. The other detail that many of the dresses had at the time which was the self-tie back. This is two ties at the back of the dress that cinch waist in better than a belt and gives a very flattering, clean look for women of all shapes and sizes.  I am always on the hunt for these features in a vintage dress, but they are few and far between.

At the time of pining after this kind of dress, I also became very inspired by late 1960s early 1970s designer Ossie Clark. He was a British designer who was famous for bringing back styles popular in the 1930s and remaking them, and doing it quite well. One element that Clark often used in his dresses were enormous bishop sleeves. Today his designs can run into the thousands and are worn by a myriad of celebrities on the Red Carpet.

Taking my inspiration from 1930s fashion as well as some of Clark’s pieces I came up with this dress.

The dress itself as stated above has large bishop sleeves, a high waist that ties at the back to cinch it in. There is also button detailing at the shoulders which is a whimsical and wonderful touch. The dress is made of crepe, the body of the dress is lined.  This dress is shown in a royal purple in the picture but can be made in a variety of colors. This dress is available all sizes of women as it will be made-to-measure.