The Satin Spider Web Blouse


One of the newest pieces as part of my upcoming clothing line is a currently unnamed 1940s inspired blouse. The blouse is made from satin, but can also be made out of crepe. It features a silver beaded spider web with a rhinestone at its center. The blouse is shown with short sleeves, but can also be made sleeveless or with a variety of sleeve types. I think this blouse would look amazing with bishop sleeves.

Indian Summer

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I have been posting a lot of items that I have been designing for my line, but have decided I really need to get back to posting some of my own beloved vintage pieces. Today it was warm and dry in Los Angeles as it is always this time of year. It was the perfect day to bring out my a fairly new piece I’ve gotten from Sloane Vintage in Burbank. It is a pale golden yellow taffeta gown from the mid-1930s.  I absolutely adore this gown’s color and the way the bias cut just seems to glide over the body. Since I was a little girl, yellow has always been one of my absolute favorite colors. And the 1930s is my absolute favorite era for vintage clothing. I find that the clothing from this era fits my body shape like no other decade does, its not only flattering, it’s also very comfortable. I paired the dress with a pair of pale gold peep toe sandals from Remix Vintage shoes (they make reproduction shoes from the 1910s-1940s) and a very rare butterscotch, blue and black celluloid purse from the 1920s.

1950s Dove And Birdcage Skirt




So now for something different, an actual vintage piece that is inspiring several pieces I have coming up in my line.This is my first 1950’s novelty skirt!This is a heavy 1950s gray wool felt skirt with felt doves and an embroidered birdcage. This piece is actually inspiring several I am working on right now. Vintage pieces inspire me greatly. I love to add the small little details into my fashion line’s garments that I find on vintage pieces; Little details that are lacking from most of today’s clothing. I also posted a picture of the original pattern that the skirt that whoever made this skirt many years ago used.


The “Marmont” Hooded Gown

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One of my newest gowns, a 1940s style hooded gown, this style is shown in liquid satin, but can also be made in another color and also a variety of colors of crepe. Actual vintage hooded gowns from the late 1930s/1940s are very hard to find. The ones on the market I didn’t much care for, so I decided to design this one. I am currently working on another of a slightly different design that I will be showing in crepe. This style is both is unique, elegant, and comfortable. This style will be made to measure by my upcoming fashion brand. Photos by my husband, Maxwell DeMille.

The “Adagio” Sweater


A hand beaded music notes cardigan from my upcoming fashion line. It is based on novelty prints from the 1940s. This sweater will be available in a variety of colors and sizes, choice of bead color is also available as well. This is one of several music inspired pieces I am going to be making part of my line. Coming up is a dress, a blouse and possibly a few other items.


The Kensington Dress


The 1950s inspired ” Kensington dress” is both comfortable and chic. It is constructed with princess seams, so the dress conforms to your curves without a tight, binding waist that is common with dresses from the 1950s era. The dress is flattering on all different body types and is made from a soft comfortable cotton with a hint of stretch. The dress has a satin bow on the front along with a row of satin buttons and a center back zip. Other colors are available, please inquire if interested.

The Eyes Have It


I have been stressing out for a couple days because I could not come up with a good design for an eye themed dress and blouse that I have wanted to make for a long time. My inspiration came from the eye blouse that Rosalind Russell wears in ” The Women.” This is a design I have wanted to create for a long time, even before starting to develop a fashion line.

When I started the line, I was wondering, would this piece be too weird for anyone to want? (because when you stop to think about it, three eyes on a blouse is pretty weird)…I put the idea to bed for a while until I started other people requesting that I make it. To date, I have had about half a dozen requests for this piece…so maybe it’s not so weird after allSo this is my next project. I will be recreating Rosalind Russell’s entire ensemble as a dress,

So this is my next project.  I will first be recreating Rosalind Russell’s entire ensemble as a dress. It is not clear to me whether the ensemble in the movie was a dress or three pieces. If it was indeed a dress, it was a popular style in the late 1930s, such as the from 1939 below:s-l1600-14

I choose to recreate the whole ensemble as a dress because that way whoever wears it does not need to hunt down pieces to go with it and can have a whole outfit in one. This is particularly useful if you are trying to recreate Russell’s look in the movie. After creating the dress, I will also be creating a blouse as well so people can pair with a skirt or slacks of their choice.


The “San Capistrano” Dress

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When I first started out created vintage inspired fashion it came from my desire to recreate certain vintage items, whether a costume in a famous movie, a designer piece that was in a museum or maybe a cult vintage item that everyone wanted, but no one could get. Now my goal as a designer is not to create items that look “vintage” or “modern” but to bring some of the design elements that could be found many years ago back into modern clothing. I feel that much of what is presented to modern women is shapeless, boring, and pretty much all looks like the same. My goal is to create dresses that a woman can wear in any year and still look amazing.

My goal as a designer is to bring back those elements of dressmaking from yesteryear. This is one of the major reasons I wanted to have a company that creates made-to-measure garments. I believe this is something which current women could greatly benefit from, given the wide array of sizes that women are today. Many designers leave plus sized women wholly out of their clothing lines, which I think is unfortunate because women of all size want to look amazing.

Another element I wanted to bring back was hand made clothing. The majority of the decoration on the dresses is done by hand by skilled craftspeople in the United States. It may take longer to get a dress from my line then from Forever 21, but you be guaranteed you will have something that no many other people will have.

This particular dress is done in crepe, it is in a late 1940s style. It is a homage to the swallows of Mission San Capistrano here in Southern California.  Many of my dresses are named for places in and around Los Angeles. This dress has a dramatic peplum edged in golden sequins as is the collar. The front is emblazoned with hand stitched swallows in gold. This dress can be made in cotton, crepe or satin.

More Webs


Just in time for Halloween, here is another part of my upcoming collection, a 1940s/50s style wiggle dress with a hand beaded spider web. This dress will make your curves look AMAZING.  The dress can be made out of crepe (as shown), more formal satin or more casual cotton with a little stretch. Dress will be completely made to the customer’s measurements, length of sleeve and hem is also customizable as is color. Photos by my husband, Maxwell Demille. Amazing shoes by Remix Los Angeles.



So, this my second star dress in the upcoming collection. This one is made of black crepe and has details inspired by the 1940s. It has over 20 hand sewn beaded and sequin stars on the peplum creating almost a 3D “milky way” effect. There are two shooting stars and a spray of stars at the shoulder. This dress is will available in black crepe and black satin, it is made to measure and sleeve length, hem length and neckline are also customizable.